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The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour-Talk Radio For Scale Modelers

Attention Scale Modeling Enthusiasts Worldwide!

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Talk Radio For Scale Modelers!

AJ6F2635e6…is an independently produced and syndicated virtual radio program for and about any and all things related to scale modeling. Starting with its first “Test Shot” episode on Warbird Radio in November 2011 the weekly show has continued to evolve and provide listeners with a diverse group of topics and guests.

Our topics and guest serve to entertain, educate, promote and inspire modelers of all skill levels and interests. As a platform to promote the hobby, we’re open to discuss ALL topics with guests best to address the subject being discussed.

Listeners can interact with the show using either email or Facebook to post their suggestions, question or comments.

How do I listen to the show? You can listen right here on this website (click the player on the episode post), to open the live streaming audio or open as a downloadable file to your computer or other media device. This provides a convenient way to listen to the show. You can also listen to past episodes shows by visiting our Show Archive.

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – JerseyFestFair – Ep62

creatureX4Figure and  vehicle modelers will gather on Friday, September 13, 2013 in Fairfield, New Jersey for JerseyFest Model Kit & Statue Fair. On this episode we chat with Dave to learn more about this great weekend long hobby show.

The Wandering Modeler

GORVing_logo-400wMy mind wanders from time to time about what project I am going to tackle next or what technique I am going to use to accomplish a particular task on the model I’m working on. However this time The Wandering Modeler means that I will be traveling. My bride and I are about to embark on a journey which we have been thinking about for a long time. We’re trading one lifestyle for another, one that requires selling our home and most of our possessions…including the STASH to begin a life on the road as full time RV’rs! (Recreation Vehicle)

I will be reducing my “workbench” into one comprehensive tool kit that I can take with me. My new workbench will be the dinning table which will also serve as office desk and what ever else such a surface inside an RV  is used for. We’re going to be working as we travel across this country, taking photographs, blogging and calling on clients both new and existing. This minimal existence lifestyle means that for the first time in decades I will be forced to build one kit at a time because there won’t be room for more than one.

The plan is we’ll be stopping in and visiting local modelers, clubs, retailers, manufacturers and distributors to visit and conduct face to face interviews for The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour. So you just might see me at your local IPMS chapter meetings or scale modeling events.

Will we be alone? Not in the least, both our cats Emma and Ashley will be going as well as one spoiled Chipmunk who in her first few months living with us went everywhere (except to restaurants) with us. This journey will also allow us to on occasion spend quality time with our grandchildren as we take them along to see the sights of this country.

A lot has to happen before we get started but these things tend to snowball quickly especially now that the housing market in our area is once again booming. So we’re thinking we could be on the road as soon as late June or July. We’ll start off with short trips around the region as we still have local commitments to honor and attend events such as AirVenture! Then its off to where ever we want or need to go.

In regards to the stash, I am hoping that someone purchases the entire stash as one huge lot including the kits, decals, accessories, supplies and spare parts. Then they if they so desire can keep what they really want to keep and flip the rest. At this time I am not planning on publishing a list as I don’t have time to manage a item by item sale, I have to devote that time to selling the other household items we are shedding.

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Stash Disposition – Ep61

This week we are joined by Justin Lentz who is rendering aide helping a widow dispose of her late husband’s sizable scale modeling stash. If you are interested in learning more about the kits Justin is selling on her behalf, contact him by EMAIL.

Speaking of disposing of ones stash, I too am looking to liquidate mine as well. Listen to this episode to learn why.

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – IPMS Queensland – Ep60

ipmsqllogo copyJoining us on this episode is Marek Halas to share a bit about IPMS Queensland‘s upcoming scale modeling swap meet PX2013 as well as a bit about the chapter and some great modeling discussion.

In our discussion you’ll learn about  techniques of how to restore raised panel lines.

We’ll also announce the winner of an autographed copy of Eric Simonsen‘s new book PROJECT TERMINATED which we featured in episode #58.

Grex: Airbrushing Tutorial 1

From our friends at Grex Airbrush!

There are multitude of hobby paints available for the painting of your model aircraft ranging in brands and type. Here we give a brief summary of the most popular paints used in the hobby and explain the nuances of each in regards to using them successfully with an airbrush.

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Modeling Airliners with Aaron Skinner – Ep59

yhst-22106725251441_2255_75927937You probably have at least one airliner model in your stash waiting to be built. Finescale Modeler Magazine Associate Editor Aaron Skinner authored a book aptly titled Modeling Airliners. This week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour we chat with Aaron about his book and building airliners!

KPC-SKINNERA0806_01_6Aaron’s book is a practical how-to guide to building better model Airliners. Starting with solid fundamentals and working up to advanced techniques to help you build better models with less frustration.

Get the book here: Modeling Airliners

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Project Terminated by Erik Simonsen – Ep58

Book Cover 1-14-2013webThroughout history production contracts for military aircraft programs have been awarded and then cancelled as political, technological and operational dictates mandated. Many legendary aircraft like the Northrop YB-49A Flying Wing, the Canadian CF-105 Arrow and the Lockheed YF-12A Mach 3 interceptor were actually built and flown successfully before being cancelled. Others, such as the North American F-108A Rapier, and the Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar never made it past the mockup stage. Ten chapters in Project Terminated explore what might have happened to various cancelled designs, as if they had actually entered production and operational service.

#9 Erik-Book PhotoThis book written by Erik Simonsen takes a unique tack on history, and features over 200 historic photographs and detailed photo/illustrations of conceptual aircraft.

Published by Crecy Publishing Ltd.  and distributed in the U.S. by Specialty Press. It is a hardcover book (8.5 x 11″) consisting of 224 pages, 200 color and 25 b/w photos and retails for $39.95

#11 TSR.2 & PR.9  #3 YF-12A  F-12B

#12 B-70B - Skybolt  #1 F-108s-1

Listen to learn how you can enter to WIN a FREE copy of Erik’s book!

Purchase the book here: Project Terminated

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Family Flightfest 2013 – Ep57

CThis week I chat with some enthusiastic scale modelers who attended this years Family Flightfest at EAA’s AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, including Jeff Herne who is a regular exhibitor at the event. We’ll hear what some of the kids thought about the Make N Take which Zach Baughman planned and hosted as part of the event.

Lastly the results of our 1:72 scale kit poll!


We’re publishing this episode a bit late, sorry for that. Seems that a few of our planned guests have had to cancel or reschedule at the last minute due to unexpected changes in their schedules. I’ll continue to communicate with them to get them on the program as I know you’ll enjoy hearing what they have to share. In the meantime, have you considered being a guest?

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Kits & Contests -Ep56

eagerkidsWe’re introducing a new segment to show as well as help fellow scale modelers promote their club’s events this week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour.

HeritageCon 2013 is being hosted by IPMS-Canada’s Hamilton Chapter at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museumlocated at 9280 Airport Road Mount Hope in Ontario Canada on March 3. This is one of Canada’s premiere scale modeling events.

EAA’s Family Flightfest will be held March 2 & 3 at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oskhosh, Wisconsin. The event features scale modeling exhibits as well as a Make N Take for the kids. This event has something for all ages and truly is a family event!

I’m seeking input on what new kits you’d like to see the kit manufacturers produce. Our first poll is for those kits you’d like to see in 1:72 scale. More about how you can submit your top three picks can be found in My Choice For A New Kit Is…

Be sure to visit the show’s Facebook page to learn how you can WIN some great kits courtesy of Revell as well as other great items provided by the Supporters the show!

My Choice For A New Kit Is…

whitebox1We’re taking your thoughts and comments about what new kits you’d like to see the manufacturers tool up to produce. This week we’ll take your suggestions for those you’d like to see in 1:72 scale. In the coming weeks the other scales will be polled.

I’d like to hear from you, so if you are a Skype user, contact us via Skype: theplasticscalemodelinghour or if you’re technically savvy enough with your smartphone or computer, record your comments and email them us. Or if a written email is all you can muster that’s okay too. Just send either to:

Please keep your response to your top three 1:72 scale kit suggestions! If you’re willing to be a guest on the show to discuss this topic, please indicate that too. I’ll follow up with you to schedule it.