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The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour-Talk Radio For Scale Modelers

Attention Scale Modeling Enthusiasts Worldwide!

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Talk Radio For Scale Modelers!

AJ6F2635e6…is an independently produced and syndicated virtual radio program for and about any and all things related to scale modeling. Starting with its first “Test Shot” episode on Warbird Radio in November 2011 the weekly show has continued to evolve and provide listeners with a diverse group of topics and guests.

Our topics and guest serve to entertain, educate, promote and inspire modelers of all skill levels and interests. As a platform to promote the hobby, we’re open to discuss ALL topics with guests best to address the subject being discussed.

Listeners can interact with the show using either email or Facebook to post their suggestions, question or comments.

How do I listen to the show? You can listen right here on this website (click the player on the episode post), to open the live streaming audio or open as a downloadable file to your computer or other media device. This provides a convenient way to listen to the show. You can also listen to past episodes shows by visiting our Show Archive.

Is It Time To Return To The Air?

Returning The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour to the cyber airwaves is something I’m giving serious consideration. Why now? Well for a couple of reasons, one being I was recently approached to do a syndicated column for business magazine/podcast based in Dallas/Ft Worth area. This has the potential of expanding to new 24 hour internet radio station.

That got me to thinking if I’m going to have to start writing commentary  and using my best radio voice for that…as they say in for a penny in for a pound…why not do both.

The main reason is after attending the last several scale modeling events, there is still a large number of scale modelers who are hungry for more information about building scale models. Things that they are seeing online in forums, videos or other blogs.

To bring back the show there are upfront costs before production can resume which I hope to recoup through sponsors, advertisers and product sales. If I pull the trigger I must commit to make it worth the investment in both time and money.

So…I have to make a decision and your feedback is important in that process.

Would you like the show to resume?

What Topics?


Frequency of episodes…weekly, monthly or a couple times a month? 

If you want to support this endeavor by being a sponsor, supporter or advertiser let me know that too! Leave a comment below or email me at





Episode #69 – Peace, Guns, Gyros & Loopers

_MG_3201e6We’ve returned with a new episode featuring several great guests!

In this episode we chat with several vendors that I met at the 2015 AMPS National Convention in Auburn, IN. We’ll learn more about Pace Paint Booths, Vietnam era Gun Trucks, a revolutionary new cutting tool and stick things together with a Looper.

Pace Paint Booths

We meet Bob Pace who shares why he got started building his iconic paint booths known as the Peace Keeper.

Gyro-Cut USA

Matt Greenburg was demonstrating a tool that allows one to cut material such as decals and thin styrene as if you were drawing with a pencil using the Gyro-Cut.

Vietnam Gun Trucks

Publisher Dan Rhame shares what you’ll find in the series of books about The Vietnam Gun Trucks.

The Glue Looper

How to apply CA aka Super Glue precisely where you want it without making a mess…The Glue Looper.



The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Bobe’s Hobby House – Ep#68

530098_3813689786806_2136607961_nThis time we stop in at Bobe’s Hobby House in Pesacola, Florida and chat with its owner Michael Bobe, Bob one of his employees and two of his regular customers. I think you’ll find this round table discussion interesting as you listen while you build.

Bobe’s Hobby House and be sure to LIKE Bobe’s on Facebook too!

Episode #67 – A Visit With Bill Dye

On this episode we hear a little about the National Museum of The Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. The we travel to North Carolina to meet up with fellow scale modeler, author and Hyperscaler…Bill Dye.

Here are a few images that I took while we visited the Air Force Museum.

Modelers are often multifaceted people and Bill Dye is no different. He worked as an aerospace engineer and build wind tunnel models which helped take the space shuttle program forward. He even wrote a book about his journey to becoming one. Climbing Into My Dream: An Aerospace Engineer’s Journey
is available in hard cover, paperback or Kindle from Amazon. Click the link above to order your copy today.

Bill’s world:


Just one of Bill’s display cases featuring the aircraft and space models he has built.

Operations Update

NovDecAreasYou’ve probably noticed a long delay between new episodes and for that I apologize. We’re still in the learning curve as part of our transition from a fixed base living and working lifestyle to that of a mobile one. We’ve come a long ways and have learned a lot! From this point on we are focusing on the future…by planning and scheduling site visits, accommodations, show programming and other aspects of working from the road.

Our sponsor and supporters have been most graciously working with us. We now have in our possession the necessary equipment to provide Grex Airbrush demonstrations as well as hands on experience using Xuron tools at local hobby retailers, scale modeling events and other promotional opportunities.

Therefore looking ahead, we are working our way into the southeastern states starting with South Carolina, Georgia, Florida during the month of November. In December we start heading west from Florida along the Gulf Coast states towards Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Our plan is to spend most of the winter months in south Texas, but who knows if we get bored, need a change of venue or have an event or place calling us maybe we’ll continue on west along the border states and into California. Then start working our way up the west coast as the warm Spring weather proceeds us.

So if you want to be a guest, suggest a guess or request that we attend your event to represent Grex, Xuron and the Show, please contact us so we can include a visit to where you are in our schedule.

Shortly we’ll be publishing a new episode follow closely behind with another one. In fact, I am meeting with the guest of that episode this weekend in Hendersonville, NC. Currently we are near Ashville, NC enjoying some awesome autumn scenery in the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains! On Monday we start out again…Columbia, SC…Savannah, GA…Jacksonville, FL and Orlando, FL just to name a few of our planned stops.  Hope to see you along the way!

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – More From The Nats – Ep#66

Coming to you from Minnesota, this episode features an interview with David Jamison from Evans Design and Billy Crisler formerly of Aerospace Modeler Magazine. I also share with you about my visit with the Black Hills Scale Modelers in Rapid City, South Dakota.

I had hoped to post this last week, but we ran into some technical difficulties.

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – SciFi, Paint, Tires – Ep65

IMG_0205ex3On this episode I share with you three interviews I did at the recent IPMS National Convention. First up is Lynda Pelley whose passion is Sci-Fi modeling. Lynda shares with us a bit about how she got started and what the hobby means to her.

Jameston Kroon from who produces a full line of Automotive, Military, Fleet, Motorcycle and Racing color paints for your scale modeling projects.

Last place in racing often is the result of poor tire performance, they also often keep a model from placing 1st in a competition. Icon Automotive Miniatures owner Derek Collins tells us about his unique products for those building Formula One race cars.

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – STEEL BEACH – Ep64

_MG_1808ex4We’re back with an all new episode with our guest Darren from STEEL BEACH, manufacturer of some of the most sought after modeling accessories.

This is also our very first episode published on the road in our mobile studio “Ruby” from Loveland, Colorado post IPMS-USA National Convention.

Note: Our relationship with Warbird Radio has been suspended. We will no longer be syndicating new episodes to WBR.

We’re At The IPMS Nationals!

Photo courtesy of Sprue Brothers Models

Photo courtesy of Sprue Brothers Models

While at the Nats we’re supporting our friends at Xuron Corp by manning their booth. We’ll be recording interviews for future episodes and you can see who and what’s going on by visiting our Facebook

page. Its much easier to post quick updates of the happenings at the Nats than upload posts here. You don’t have to be a Facebook member to see our updates, so click in and check out what’s going on!

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Returns! – Ep63


Grex Genesis XGi

We’re BACK! On this episode as I share the news of what’s been going on and what’s coming…such as a new airbrush line from Grex Airbrush. Raymond joins me to share a little insight on the new line and when you will be able to get hands on experience with them.

This is also our first episode recorded exclusively from our new mobile studio…let the journey and the adventure begin. We’re heading to the IPMS-USA Nationals in Colorado to represent Xuron Corp.









This  is also the first episode produced, copyrighted and syndicated by Voigt Media.