Is It Time To Return To The Air?

Returning The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour to the cyber airwaves is something I’m giving serious consideration. Why now? Well for a couple of reasons, one being I was recently approached to do a syndicated column for business magazine/podcast based in Dallas/Ft Worth area. This has the potential of expanding to new 24 hour internet radio station.

That got me to thinking if I’m going to have to start writing commentary  and using my best radio voice for that…as they say in for a penny in for a pound…why not do both.

The main reason is after attending the last several scale modeling events, there is still a large number of scale modelers who are hungry for more information about building scale models. Things that they are seeing online in forums, videos or other blogs.

To bring back the show there are upfront costs before production can resume which I hope to recoup through sponsors, advertisers and product sales. If I pull the trigger I must commit to make it worth the investment in both time and money.

So…I have to make a decision and your feedback is important in that process.

Would you like the show to resume?

What Topics?


Frequency of episodes…weekly, monthly or a couple times a month? 

If you want to support this endeavor by being a sponsor, supporter or advertiser let me know that too! Leave a comment below or email me at






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