The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Bobe’s Hobby House – Ep#68

530098_3813689786806_2136607961_nThis time we stop in at Bobe’s Hobby House in Pesacola, Florida and chat with its owner Michael Bobe, Bob one of his employees and two of his regular customers. I think you’ll find this round table discussion interesting as you listen while you build.

Bobe’s Hobby House and be sure to LIKE Bobe’s on Facebook too!


  1. Mr. Voight,

    Your very entertaining and informative website was found during my research of what is the state of the scale modeling “Hobby/Art-form, currently throughout the world, and as it exists on the world-wide-web.

    Your recent transition to “mobile” housing is most interesting and surely is creating a certain amount of jealousy among your peers… (I being one of them).

    Thank You for the energy and efforts that you put forth in producing your web-broadcasts!

    I look forward to the entertainment and education from your future shows.. and look forward to one day being a guest on your show!

    Respectfully Yours

    Jf Faith, Founder and Executive Curator
    The Scale Model

  2. Hi,

    I got three Powercat airbrushes (130, 136 & 203) on eBay, and they are missing parts.

    Do you know where I can get the missing parts for these Powercat airbrushes?

    Thanks so much.


  3. Never heard of the line. Probably why you can’t find parts. Many knock off airbrush mfrs provide brushes on a bid bases to retailers or mfrs who don’t have a primary line of their own. Like those sold at places like Harbor Freight, the brushes may look similar year to year but are often produced by a different mfr on a bid bases.

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