How Do I Do This?

IMG_9150co6pPart of the process of reducing the stash is also deciding what tools and supplies I can take along with me as I travel. The problem is EVERY tool I have acquired over the years has a purpose and place in my scale modeling projects. How do you trim down the contents of a roll cab, intermediate box and tool chest into one handheld tool tote?

Elimination of duplicates. Yes there are a few things multiples of are necessary but focusing on the selection of tools that multi task is essential to minimizing what gets packed into the tote. This will be a huge undertaking on focusing on the basic tools one really needs versus those that make the task easier or spoiled for so long having tools that do just one thing that you rarely if ever use but had to have. Sorta like kits in the stash you had to have but have no intention of ever building but can’t bring yourself to sell, trade or give away.

Which brings me to another point…emotional attachment. Back in the day I would cringe when someone would tell me they packed their model with a couple M-80 Firecrackers and blew it apart. I’m not saying that I had some sort of weird attachment, I just couldn’t see destroying something you enjoyed building. Well with time we all get assimilated and have no problem watching or ever destroying models…including our own.

SAMSUNGSAMSUNGYes, I shed a great deal of space my stash occupied by eliminating built up kits I’ve built ranging back to when I was a wee lad. For the most part these were dried out and brittle. Not to mention terrible build quality! A bump or just handling them wrong would cause catastrophic damage. Like the aircraft being sliced apart and recycled at the bone yard mine went under the crushers…my size thirteens.

Yes! I did keep a lot of the kits I later built and those donated to the display collection, they were worth keeping and will someday adorn my next Man Space when we decide to find a permanent location to live once again.


  1. Gerald, There was a time where all I had was a basic xacto knife , the tube of testor cement and a couple of paint brushes and a model kit I have to admit that those were the days where any flat surface. Would do namely moms coffee table hang in there iam sure you will adapt after all are we not modlers D martin

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