Spares Stash: FOR SALE

toteofpartsUnless you’ve been living under a rock or hold up deep in your modeling cave you probably know that I am moving. Not just moving but selling off the house and most everything in it so my wife and I can take to the road living and working from an RV. I’ve got potential buyers for the both the 1:72 and 1:48 scale kits in my stash but I am still looking to find someone who is interested in acquiring at a fair price the Spares Stash.

Ideally the person or persons who purchase it will also pick it up in person. I don’t have the time to deal with packaging it up and shipping it. Bring empty shipping boxes, as I am keeping the storage totes, but the parts drawers and bins go with the stash.

This is nearly 40 years of collecting spare parts from kits I’ve built or kits and parts donated to me, so you’ll need to bring an empty vehicle…something a bit larger than a Mini Cooper! LOL




So if you have a serious interest in acquiring these parts, accessories and supplies contact me via EMAIL. I would like to make this happen as soon as possible, our house is already on the market and is expected to sell very quickly.


  1. Gerald, where do you live? I might be interested in that spares stash if it’s still available. Thanks. Steve B.

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