The Wandering Modeler

GORVing_logo-400wMy mind wanders from time to time about what project I am going to tackle next or what technique I am going to use to accomplish a particular task on the model I’m working on. However this time The Wandering Modeler means that I will be traveling. My bride and I are about to embark on a journey which we have been thinking about for a long time. We’re trading one lifestyle for another, one that requires selling our home and most of our possessions…including the STASH to begin a life on the road as full time RV’rs! (Recreation Vehicle)

I will be reducing my “workbench” into one comprehensive tool kit that I can take with me. My new workbench will be the dinning table which will also serve as office desk and what ever else such a surface inside an RVĀ  is used for. We’re going to be working as we travel across this country, taking photographs, blogging and calling on clients both new and existing. This minimal existence lifestyle means that for the first time in decades I will be forced to build one kit at a time because there won’t be room for more than one.

The plan is we’ll be stopping in and visiting local modelers, clubs, retailers, manufacturers and distributors to visit and conduct face to face interviews for The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour. So you just might see me at your local IPMS chapter meetings or scale modeling events.

Will we be alone? Not in the least, both our cats Emma and Ashley will be going as well as one spoiled Chipmunk who in her first few months living with us went everywhere (except to restaurants) with us. This journey will also allow us to on occasion spend quality time with our grandchildren as we take them along to see the sights of this country.

A lot has to happen before we get started but these things tend to snowball quickly especially now that the housing market in our area is once again booming. So we’re thinking we could be on the road as soon as late June or July. We’ll start off with short trips around the region as we still have local commitments to honor and attend events such as AirVenture! Then its off to where ever we want or need to go.

In regards to the stash, I am hoping that someone purchases the entire stash as one huge lot including the kits, decals, accessories, supplies and spare parts. Then they if they so desire can keep what they really want to keep and flip the rest. At this time I am not planning on publishing a list as I don’t have time to manage a item by item sale, I have to devote that time to selling the other household items we are shedding.


  1. I wish you safe travels and would like to invite you if you ever make it to NJ to our monthly IPMS meetings in Garwood NJ on the 2cd friday of the month. I would love to travel around the country in a RV there is so much to see here


  2. I was curious if you could comment on a couple of things as you transition to your new lifestyle:

    1) How you intend to support your hobby in a more portable format versus the fixed-shop that you had before, i.e. what your set-up, tool /supply storage, etc. will look like, as well as the set-up of your workspace. In other words, I have just transitioned to a different living condition where I also have had to move away from my place of old with a dedicated hobby workbench to one now that doesn’t and instead, I am contemplating ideas how I can continue to model without necessarily a dedicated modeling “area” purely devoted to in a garage-like, workbench area; and…

    2) Could you provide for more details on this “stash” that you refer to and how we can support any potential interest in purchasing this from you (pricing and what it consists of).


  3. Good luck on your trip. Maybe we’ll see you in Grand Rapids MI. The IPMS West Michigan would love to see you.


  4. I’ll talk about it more on the show, especially after we’re on the road in earnest.

    I am aware of several great modelers who live a mobile lifestyle, whether it is trucking or just traveling constantly for business, they take their scale modeling projects with them.

    I plan to return to how I began scale modeling. Essential tools and supplies inside of a portable toolbox, working from a TV table if necessary.

  5. Max, I’ll take you up on that offer if we’re in the area.

    Things here right now are crazy, tackling several tasks at once…reduce, organize, prepare and maintain ones sanity.

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