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Hawkeyes-Hobbies-Logo-GIF-rHawkeye’s Hobbies LLC as I have previously shared is CLOSED. I have decided NOT to sell the company’s proprietary assets or license product production to a third party. The internet domain hawkeyeshobbies.com has for several months been redirected here to hawkeyes-squawkbox.com but now has been allowed to expire completely.

I continue to get requests for product, hoping there is some left that I am willing to sell…THERE IS NONE. Nor do I know of any individual or retailer with a back stock of our items. The production equipment, supplies and raw materials have been placed into long term storage or in respect to those items with a shelf life they have been properly disposed.

The application videos will continue to be included here on the Squawkbox as well as on Youtube.


  1. Are there any substitutes for the polishing powders that you produced? What do we do when we run out?

  2. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t resume production when there is clear demand for your products. I love the Talon series and would love to get more. Thanks,

  3. Its a matter of time, investment and return. The cost of raw materials skyrocketed and sourcing those materials isn’t as small business friendly as it once was. Our production requirements for raw materials requires us to acquire quantities that far exceed our production capacity. Where we need say a gallon of something, the suppliers demand you order in 55 gallons drums at a minimum. We used to be able to source from small distributors who would provide supplies in more manageable quantities at a fair price. Now they too are gone and we are stuck dealing with larger distributors or mfrs direct who don’t deal in small quantities. If you ain’t a major paint company like “Testors” they don’t even want to talk to you.

    Add to that the regulations governing the production, labeling and shipping that one has to comply with all have costs associated. You can only pass on so much to the consumer before they stop buying due to price. We chose to operate within the letter of the law, so didn’t find ourselves on the wrong side and paying a hefty price for noncompliance.

    Bottom line not enough demand to justify the costs to produce. We decided to cease production while we were still profitable, not going into debt just to say we were still in business.

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