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My Choice For A New Kit Is…

whitebox1We’re taking your thoughts and comments about what new kits you’d like to see the manufacturers tool up to produce. This week we’ll take your suggestions for those you’d like to see in 1:72 scale. In the coming weeks the other scales will be polled.

I’d like to hear from you, so if you are a Skype user, contact us via Skype: theplasticscalemodelinghour or if you’re technically savvy enough with your smartphone or computer, record your comments and email them us. Or if a written email is all you can muster that’s okay too. Just send either to:

Please keep your response to your top three 1:72 scale kit suggestions! If you’re willing to be a guest on the show to discuss this topic, please indicate that too. I’ll follow up with you to schedule it.


  1. 1/350 scale Aircraft carrier models of refit U.S. Navy Essex class ships.
    These historic ships designed during the Second World War were refit with angle flight decks and hurricane bows and used in the Viet Nam War. Many of us modelers served on these ships.

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