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The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Scott Bricker – Ep51

scottbricker4vWe continue with our mission of bringing you interviews with our fellow scale modelers. This week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour we meet Scott Bricker who also is an active IPMS-USA member.

For you who have a scale modeling widow in the house, Scott talks about his family’s whole family approach to scale modeling, which was made easier after buying a new home with plenty of space for a family sized modeling cave. That and much much more. After doing this interview…I think we’ll want to hear from his wife too to get the other half’s perspective. ;0)

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  1. Hi

    In the event of new kit prices climbing to a level where they are no longer affordable to the masses, I foresee the second-hand/ pre-owned market as being part of the solution. I was at a model show the weekend just gone here in the UK (Yeovilton) and picked up three second-hand kits for the grand total of £15.00. One even included a comprehensive after market decal sheet as a bonus.

    The problem with this, of course, is that the attendees at model shows tend NOT to be the “mass market”.

    On the whole though, so far, I haven’t seen the “pocket money” kit disappear just yet. In the UK, a Series 1 Airfix kit retails for around £5.99 as does the equivalent Revell Germany kit. Taking 40 years of inflation into account, that is pretty much where the 23 pence equivalent kit I was buying back in 1972 lay in the pocket money stakes.

    So, kids can still get new kits at pocket money prices.

    I think the main thing for enticing youngsters into the hobby is not to make the entry level kits too complicated and fiddly. Nothing will put a child off more than dropping and losing small items or finding they are not dexterous enough to place control columns or aileron actuators into position.

    Really enjoy the shows. Keep up the good work. It’s a great innovation for us polystyrene-heads.

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