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The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Meet Vincent – Ep47

The Internet has influenced scale modeling since its inception. It started with electronic bulletin boards which lead to the forums, blogs and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour too is just another step in the evolution of how the Internet allows modelers to interact with their fellow modelers.  I met this week’s guest on Facebook after seeing a post about a project he was just about to embark on. As with most modelers, we struck up a conversation and agreed we should share it with you our fellow scale modelers.

Joining me this week is fellow scale modeler Vincent M. Mankowski who lives in Maryland and is a member of IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers and Southern Maryland Scale Modelers. Vince is a frequent contributor to the Model Builders Group on Facebook. Check out the work being shared by Vince and other modelers from around the world.

Vince is starting a MV-22 Osprey which he plans to super detail and build in a stowed configuration…wing and rotors folded.

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