MC-47 “Ghostnook” Prototype

A while ago…no make that a long while ago I started building the Italeri 1:48 ACH-47D Chinook “Guns A Go Go!” kit. It then ended up on the shelf of in progress builds with a couple dozen or so other projects. Well, since my return to the workbench I am trying to take on those stalled projects to make progress on them all. A daunting task to say the least. Some of the projects on the “Shelf of Doom” fell into the hands of the reaper or in some cases to the spares stash. I knew I’d never get around to them for one reason or another.

Not wanting to build a CH-47D that would look like every other CH-47D on the table, I decided to exercise a little modelers artistry to create something different…a special operations bird…and not just something that already exists, but my own take of a prototype variant. Yes, it has the distinct flavor of  being a What-If! ;0) I’m naming this project: MC-47 Ghostnook. As I write this post, in my mind I am thinking a bird possibly used by Homeland/ Border Security and Drug Enforcement Agencies in the patrol and interdiction roles.

The model was and is being constructed OOB, the changes will be a few added blisters, sensors, antennas, FLIR, air to air refueling probe and a “Greenie” paint scheme. The scheme of aircraft which have been assembled but have yet made it into the paint booth before delivery to the customer.

For the paint scheme I used various shades of gray, greens and yellow chromate. The color selection was based on what I had on hand. I found that many of the jars of the colors I wanted to use were either gone or dried up completely in the bottle.  So with the palette I had available I just started painting, masking and painting some more.

I searched my spares stash for little detail parts mentioned above as well as a refueling probe which was of the right scale but not quite long enough, so I had to modify it. Here is how I did it. First using my razor saw I sliced off the section of the probe housing which mounts to the aircraft from the tubular section that extends out to the refueling basket.

I wanted to make this probe strong as it could accidentally get bumped (Murphy’s Law), so I drilled out the part to accept a section of the tubing I used as the second stage of the telescoping assembly of the probe. I didn’t have any aluminum so I had to use copper, I didn’t want to wait. All of the tubing is from Albion Alloys, which offers the best tubing with the tightest tolerances in fit and finish on the market.

I have it pretty much finished. I will add some tape to replicate the metal bands seen on the original part. I will also have to add a stabilizing arm from the just aft of the lower right nose blister glazing to the probe. I will probably use some airfoil shaped tubing or styrene for a nice slippery clean look.

Time to get the cockpit interior installed and the front canopy blister affixed and blended in, followed by the landing gear and rotors. A lot yet to do before I start the final stretch. Till next time…Go Build A Scale Model!



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