Bush Whacked Turbo Porter PtIII

A quick update on the Turbo Porter. All major assemblies are installed including the remodeled nose section. Most of the aircraft has had a coat of primer applied to find any flaws in the surface and joints. I’m waiting on a tool and some supplies from a friend in the UK, to assist in the fabrication of new wing and landing gear struts. I’ll be reviewing those as I use them on this project if they arrive in time.

Time is getting shorter and shorter if I hope to have this model ready for a contest that is just over a week away. Just one more busy weekend ahead to squeeze in as much time at the bench as possible and next week’s agenda is fulling up fast too. Leaving little time to get this bird done! She may be sporting an unfinished aircraft scheme first time out on the contest tables as I don’t have the decals designed or printed just yet either.

If what I need to finish her doesn’t arrive by Saturday morning, I will proceed to use the kits parts or fab something else from scratch. Either way she needs to have those struts added soon and get in and out of the paint booth so I can attach the slats, flaps and control surfaces.

Tonight I will add what remains of the interior, then set the windshield into position and cement it in place with some solvent using my Touch N Flow. The big doors  allow access to remove any masking from the inside of the windshield so it will be protected throughout the rest of the build and painting. I might just tint all of the windows a nice dark smoke color.

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