Bench Vise For Scale Modeling

We never seem to have enough means to hold something firmly yet delicately as the clamping devices mounted to the end of our arms. Our hands are nearly perfect for such tasks, but we just have two when there are time when we need three or four!

Holding devices are like a mouse trap, they accomplish the end task but not necessarily in the manner we want or with the desired finesse. I’ve tried my fair share of bench top clamping devices and most didn’t meet my expectations. Well along comes one from Excel Hobby Blades that beats the others at doing the job. As I said a vise must have the ability to hold and hold securely what you’re working on. It also can’t destroy the item being held in the process.

The jaws therefore must be like a bird dogs mouth, able to hold firmly without slippage or damage. This vice has some very pliable rubber jaw covers that grip and hold yet don’t crush…unless you crank the tension up on the handle. Take off the covers and you have a jaw that has indentations to grasp round materials such as tubing, rods or dowels. Nice for those times when you are cutting such materials. The rubberized jaw covers slip on and off easily and stay in place. A handyman could even fabricate replacement covers from wood or styrene for specific applications and uses.

The unit attaches to the bench lip snugly by turning the ample sized knob. Once tight, it stays tight. The only improvement I would like to see is a tighter tolerance of the moving jaw as it slides along the track and a finer thread of the screw mechanism. This would make it smoother and provide finer adjustment of the jaws. The pivot tension is good, which allows you to angle the vice’s jaws in a variety of angles to make access to what you are working on in a better ergonomic position. It also lets you position it to hold as a spare hand.



Excel advises that this Vice is available at Hobby Lobby as well as most hobby and hardware retailers carrying the Excel line of products.

Here in the U.S. it is currently being sold and distributed through Horizon.



Universal Table Vice

Part # 56003

MSRP: Under $38.00 USD Check retailers for specific selling price.

Thanks to Excel Hobby Blades for the opportunity to review this item!


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