Bush Whacked Turbo Porter PtII

I gave the leading edge slats a test fit after drilling the location holes on the leading edges of the wing. To locate the proper place to drill, I held the slats against the leading edge and made a mark on the upper wing with a fine point marker on each side of the actuator rod that connects the slat to the wing. Then it was a matter of drilling the hold where the leading edge seam fell directly between those two marks for each actuator.

The nose/engine cowling received two new exhaust stacks, one on either side of the cowling to give the impression of a larger powerplant lurking underneath it. To bolster that impression the kits three blade prop was replaced with a slightly larger four blade one. I had to use a piece of styrene tubing to make an extension behind the prop to allow the trailing edge cuffs to clear the front of the cowling.

The aircraft looks beefier sitting on its larger wheels and tires. Each wheel will get a center hub cover on the outside and possibly partial one on the inside to streamline the rims. These will be made of either thin aluminum or styrene discs punched with a hole punch.

A little cosmetic work around the cheeks of the intake to french everything in place, including the prop shaft housing extension is easily done using a little filler putty. In this case I started with 3M Acryl-Blue.

I’ll be reshaping the new exhaust stacks, I have them wrapped with some tape to act as a guide that I will use while grinding them down with my rotary tool. As these modifications come to completion, its time to tackle the rest of the build. Once the horizontal stab is mounted, it’ll be time to make sure all cosmetic flaws are addressed, then get the paint scheme laid out and start applying paint to the fuselage, wings and smaller components. These bits n pieces won’t be attached until painting is complete to prevent them from being damaged.

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