We Interrupt This Program

This week I stretched my self taught technical skills…aka computer geekiness to a new level by recording interviews with guests and creating an all new episode (#30) of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour. I compare it to building my first multimedia kit, the basic assembly was easy, but the challenge was using components I had little experience with such as resin and PE. Each requires a special technique and knack to get the task done properly. Before I had a show producer who worked behind the scene, now I have to do it all on my own!

The show is now sponsored and is syndicated, which means I will begin to reap a harvest, sown from the previous thirty episodes I started planting back in November of 2011. Not only will The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour be heard on Warbird Radio, but other venues who wish to contract to broadcast the show as well will be able to air it. Just think about all those old sitcoms you used to watch on the three television networks, which now appear on various cable channels. Those channels subscribe to those episodes in order to air them. Of course you’ll be able to listen right hear on Hawkeye’s Squawkbox too!

So this means the door is wide open to the subject matter being presented on the show. All categories of scale modeling are welcome which expands the possibilities of topics. It also means we can do as many or as few shows as we desire. The frequency and length will be determined by content and contractual obligations with our sponsors and advertisers.

If a manufacturer, distributor or retailer wishes to do a special episode to promote their new product releases they can and be able to use the episode to further promote themselves and their products! If you are interested in such opportunities, that includes those hosting scale modeling events, contact me directly via the Mailbag@ThePlasticScaleModelingHour.com

We’ll kick off the first fully syndicated episode starting with Episode #31, when GREX AIRBRUSH joins us as an Official Sponsor of the show. So watch The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour’s page here on the Hawkeye’s Squawkbox for changes and more information about future shows.

I want to thank those who also helped make this show successful with donations of their products for our Door Prize giveaways. To those Guests and corporate supporters such as GrexXuron Corp and Excel BladesTHANK YOU!


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