AirVenture 2012 Is Now History

This year’s AirVenture was yet another mega dose of aviation. I post a couple of updates previous to this one, and I planned on doing one after each day but we could not squeeze another item into our very long and full days. Monday saw record heat, Tuesday was a bit cooler but still toastie followed by another scorcher on Wednesday.

Thursday two thunderstorms pass through, the second causing damage.  You can see a small crowd gathering under a B-25 parked on the Warbird Review ramp for shelter from the sting of small hail that was falling. A few seconds after snapping this picture, visibility was so low I could no longer see the aircraft in this picture for several minutes.

Also on Thursday after a full day on the grounds we relocated to the Warbird Information Xchange gathering at Zack Baughman’s house…which was our seventh year together! Thanks to Baughmans for their hospitality! I also broadcasted The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour from the there as well.

The heat didn’t relent until Friday when it finally started to cool down. In fact, one might have wished they were wearing long pants it got that cool. Saturday was perfect and a very very long day. Two airshows, one in the afternoon and another one at night including some great fireworks and The Wall of Fire!

Friday and Saturday’s air show featured for the first time a military jet tactical demo team performance. Two F-18C Hornets performed individual routines. One also flew as part of a Legacy Flight of US Navy aircraft. Hopefully more of the same will be included next year.


Saturday also gave us, myself and Greg from Draw Decal a chance to see get a few pictures from on top of the C-5B Galaxy. What Greg will do to get accurate documentation for his decals!!! Be sure to check his site for some of his great images of AirVenture.

Sunday however was the best way to end the week…Nothing better than taking a ride in a B-29! This week’s episode of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour I will share my experiences as well those of my two guests who were also on the flight. Listen to it HERE.

More images can be seen HERE!



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