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The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour will air its 29th episode Thursday, Aug 2nd on Warbird Radio. It will be the last LIVE episode, that is one where the audience has the opportunity to participate in real time by calling in to either the Warbird Radio Studio Line or via Skype as well as chatting in the Live Chat Room with me and our guest.

Warbird Radio’s and The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour’s listenership continues to grow, but most are taking advantage of catching their favorite programs as podcasts which is more convenient to them.  So the station is going to change to an on demand format, so when the new episodes are posted, you can listen to them immediately or download them for future listening. So instead of 7PM Eastern, the show may be posted earlier in the day.

One of the changes that I’ve always hand in mind for The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour is open it up to include all categories of this diverse hobby…not just Aircraft but Ships, Automotive, Armor, SciFi, Figures and Real Space…etc. The current theme of Warbird Radio is of course military aviation which limits us to primarily to the aviation/aircraft category of scale modeling.

How do these changes at WBR affect this show? You’ll still be able to listen to each weekly episode of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour  but it will now be syndicated, allowing greater access through more venues…including right here on the Squawkbox and the show’s own dedicated domain. We’re also considering creating a new separate website just for The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour. In the meantime I will continue to invite guests, record the interview and produce the show. You’ll still be able to listen to it at your leisure on Thursday evenings on WBR as before or later from the live stream audio or download files.

On the positive side this change gives me great flexibility as to when I conduct the interviews and record the show. I know guests will appreciate being able to connect at a more conducive time for them.  It also gives greater flexibility of posting more images related to the topic being presented here on the show page here on the Squawkbox. Of course, WBR will continue to carry the audio portion of each show.

You as the audience will still be able to interact with the guest. You can post your questions or comments to the Mailbag, Facebook or Skyping me directly prior to the interview. I will post a list of  future scheduled guests/topics  here on the show’spage here on the Squawkbox. I am investigating adding a dedicated show line for callers to call in as they do on WBR. This will require some addition equipment, which really emphasizes the need for more sponsors to support the show.

If you are interested in being a Sponsor or Advertiser please contact me for more information. Same to if you are interested in having The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour at your event. Let’s talk!

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