A Summer Ritual-AirVenture!

This is the Friday of the year when thousands of aircraft start arriving at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for AirVenture…the annual Experimental Aircraft Associations Convention and Fly In. Some fly into Oshkosh, while others elect to land and park at other airports, fields and suitable landing places and commute by vehicle to the convention.

I’m driving my wife a bit crazy as I run in and out of the house camera in hand to snap a quick shot of aircraft passing overhead. Such as this Ford Tri Motor. It was doing a little proficiency training at Appleton before next week’s surge in passenger ride sorties from Oshkosh.

Throughout the week I will be walking the grounds snapping images as usual. Also this year I and the other show hosts from Warbird Radio will be conducting interviews and  LIVE Updates each day throughout the week. So if you can’t attend, tune your browser to WBR to listen in on who we’re interviewing and what’s happening.

Thursday’s episode of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour will be a Special Show broadcast LIVE from the Warbird Information Xchange gathering. Can’t say who exactly will be on, but it will be a good time regardless!

I’ll be camped out at the EAA Warbirds of America tent near the Warbirds In Review ramp southwest of the Warbird tower. So if you’re on the grounds, be sure to stop by to say Hello to me and the rest of the WBR crew!



This means that NO orders will be processed and shipped that are received from July 20th until Aug 1. You can still place orders as usual, but they WILL NOT be shipped until Aug 2rd. All orders will be processed in the order which they were received. I will probably be able to respond to emails, but don’t expect an immediate reply…as I won’t be answering them until I’m back home each evening and have my feet elevated after a long day on them. ;0) I’ll be posting updates on my Facebook pages so watch those too!

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