June Has Arrived

For those of you living in North America, particularly in the USA, June is a time of school graduation parties and weddings. It also marks the official arrival of Summer. The fruits of our long winter are presented for the first time, no not the kind you pick from a tree, bush or vine but those which many a crafts person has created. Around here there are Arts & Crafts, Airshows and Car Shows each weekend.

This past Saturday while driving to one of our favorite places to walk and see and photograph nature we were treated to sharing the road with several classic cars which were either on their way to or from a show. Seeing the late ’60’s vintage Plymouth Barracuda took us back to the days when we were first starting out our lives together in our first car, a 1968 Barracuda sedan.

The weekend before I spent a day (out of two) at the Manitowoc, Wisconsin air show Thunder Over The Lakeshore. Which had a good number of jets which performed both days of the show. Did I mention it also had a great night air show too? It does…aerobatic team and solo performers gave their own display of lights and fireworks in the sky.

The Aero Shell T-6s in the picture appear to have pyrotechnics emitting a flame along the tail section of the aircraft. This deception is done with having a rearward facing spotlight in the exhaust smoke stream. The jet truck illuminated the audience as it passed along the crowd. Due to some light rain, the runway was too wet for the truck to make a speed run down the runway as it had earlier in the day. Instead it thrilled the crowd with its full burner display which you could feel as well as see.

June here has also brought with it some early “dawg days” of summer. High temperatures and humidity (something I don’t enjoy) tend to keep me indoors, so I directed my attention to doing a little cleaning of the modeling cave. I packed up some “In progress” projects, knowing that it is highly unlikely I will get to them anytime soon. This will help ease that visual which makes a modeler feel overwhelmed at the things on the “TODO” list. It also gave me a chance to look through the stash to see what kits I might have that I want to donate to IPMS’s Support The Troops program. I found more than a few, now its just a matter of getting them boxed up and shipped off to the program coordinator. Check out my recent interview with IPMS-USA eBoard members HERE.

I’ve also started to sort through and thin the collection of scale modeling and aviation magazines that I have amassed. These will be donated to an earlier guest on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour as soon as I have the ability to transport them and those from another collection from someone else’s basement archive. Magazines start to get heavy when you have so many! I figure we’ll need a pickup truck to haul them to their new home.

The rain squall approaching the airfield made a great backdrop for this L-39. Ready set….GO! The Jet Truck races a Chipmunk! Needless to say, the Chipmunk even with having the advantage of being in motion at the starting line lost the race to the end of the runway.

Hopefully your summer won’t detract too much from your scale modeling projects. They always make for a great activity during those days when its raining or its just too hot to anything outside.  Which reminds me, the grandkids are coming for an over night visit…some quality time at the bench will definitely be a part of their visit!

Have a safe and enjoyable summer! Happy Modeling!


  1. Hawkeye,

    You mentioned giving your old modelling magazines, I have Scale Modeler from the begining and need space at my bench. Just let me know. If I don’t sell them first they’ll be going to someone. Will need postage paid fom Delaware.

    Thanks and Semper-Fi,

    Ron ‘Big Doc’ Smith

  2. You might consider donating them to a museum in your area. For me, shipping that much weight is cost prohibitive so I’m planning on driving down (6 hour trip) to visit the AeroKnow Museum and deliver the goodies in person. It might be a special trip or in connection with a trip that has me passing through as I travel elsewhere.

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