Mad-City Modelers Show

This past weekend I and a few others from our IPMS Steve Wittman Chapter ventured over to attend the Madison based club’s event. As always it was great to see familiar faces I hadn’t seen in some time, but it was noticeable that many of the regulars one usually sees at such shows were missing. We all have other obligations which prevent us from attending but one comment I heard even before the event was…it wasn’t promoted very well.

For some reason, if you asked those running the even you got different reasons as to why. Though the event was listed on the IPMS-USA event directory, no link to the club’s website was provided, nor one to the event itself. For those of us were are capable cyber detectives, we could find it but for those who are computer challenged…a definite missed opportunity to increase turnout.

Vendors. Well there were essentially three. John Vojtech, UMM-USA was there with kits tools and accessories. He said he decided at the last minute to attend. The boys from GC Laser had their awesome display of their products and a diorama showing them in use. Guys if you build military, you need to check out their stuff, their wood products add so much realism to any project! There was also someone selling kits too. In years past the vendor turnout was much better. Sadly, given the space available, there wasn’t really enough for more vendors.

Raffle. This event is known for its raffle! This year there were plenty of items given away and as usual one of our club’s own scored his typical bounty of kits. ;0) He now has enough to keep him busy throughout the year until next years event.

Models! Those models that were on the table were fantastic. The winter weather in the upper midwest  does provide ample time for building. Though this year, we didn’t have much of a winter here in Wisconsin. Record warmth with minimal snowfall.

A diorama of a swimmer inspecting a tank submerged underwater gave such a variety of perspectives. This image shows one from behind the diver. I also have one taken from behind one of the colorful fish swimming near the tank.

Though it could have been better promoted and attended it still was a good show! I’m looking forward to April 2o, 2013 for the next Mad-City Modelers event which will be held in the same location in Cottage Grove (Madison), Wisconsin. I’ll do my best to help them promote it here on the Squawkbox as well as give them some air time on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour!





  1. Although the numbers were down I too enjoyed seeing the nice variety of subjects and was glad to be a part of a contest. I also plan to go again next year. This year’s roadtrip was fun!

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