One Step At A Time

Whether you are building a scale model, starting a business or hosting a radio program you must take one step at a time to get to and reach the results you desire. Several listeners and fellow modelers have asked or suggested that The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour become a television program or an online streaming video program.

I do have plans on expanding the format to include simulcasting live streaming video or producing a webinar for those episodes or segments of the show that the audience would definitely benefit having a visual presentation and reference. If you ever built a Tamiya F-16, you know that the assembly steps are very specific. Jumping ahead and doing things out of that sequence can have serious consequences…like installing the main gear before you were suppose to, something I learned firsthand!

There is a point in the process of building a scale model or developing a program when its appropriate to include those extras that really kick up the finished product. In scale modeling its aftermarket bits. You have to source these parts as well as the tools to work them into the build, same applies to including a video format to the show. Adding such things requires something many modelers are keenly aware of…cost.

As with any project, scale modeling, a business or radio program it takes funds to make it happen. Sponsorship and advertising go to pay for those things and we have some interested parties we are hoping to secure. We’ll soon be airing our 25th episode, which establishes us as being serious, so I am hoping these interested parties sign on soon to support the show.

When it comes to being face to face with my guests, I’d love nothing more than be able to travel around the world to where they are located to produce such episodes. It is something I hope to do when and where it is possible.  I’ll be starting here in the US & Canada, such as an event in Madison, Wisconsin this coming weekend the IPMS-Mad City Modelers Show where I hope to record interviews and discussions.

Given I’ve had guests on the show from England (UK) to Australia and points in between, think of the frequent flier miles I could have racked up! More importantly the costs associated with traveling to all of those locations. If I had the resources to do so, you bet I would! During the previous we’ve discussed what makes an award winning model, mastering each step and maintaining consistency throughout the process. I’m taking one step at a time to get to the results not only I want, but what you want to see.

Thanks to all of those who have been my guests as well as those who have supported the show with donations! Couldn’t have done it without you!
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