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P-47 painted with Talon and polished with a blend of Aluminum & Steel Polishing Powders.

You’ve probably read about our recent release of an all acrylic version of our Raptor Sheen, but we’ve also released a new Polishing Powder too!

For those who want to replicate a chromish look to the NMF project they are working on , whether it be car bumpers or a highly polished skinned aircraft you’ll find our new Special Blend (PPSB) very useful. Before we recommended that you purchase one jar of each Aluminum and Steel to mix yourself. You can still do this as this allows you to tweak the blend yourself. But for those wanting a premixed blend of these two colors of our Polishing Powder, this is it.

So check our our new Raptor Sheen for ACRYLICS (RSAC) and our new Polishing Powder Special Blend (PPSB).



  1. I purchased the RSAC – not sure how to mix with acrylic. Can you provide mixing ratios and anything else that might help get me to a metalic finsh. Thanks.

  2. Gerald I posted on your 2009 page about the Belle of Purgatory and the 2009 memorial to 1st Lt Hartley and his crew. I would be interested in getting hold of Mr. Chapman. According to my dad”s photo albums, Lt. Hartley was one of his best friends in WWII while he was stationed overseas. I have photos of the crew of the Belle if you are interested.

  3. I will forward your request on to the builder of the model. He has the contact information and he would have to be the one to release or forward your request to Mr Chapman.

    If you could and are willing, I’d love to share those images here on the Squawkbox as a follow on to this story.


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