Gonna Make It Home Mitchell

Besides digging for reference material to accompany this build I need to pull out the kits and see what I have, then pick the one(s) I plan on using.

Digging through the stash I found a couple 1:48 B-25 kits I forgot I had. One was sitting in front of me on my in progress shelf…the other buried under some other stuff. The first being a Accurate Miniatures and the other a classic Aurora. The Aurora had an added surprise there was a B-29 in the box as well. Something I acquired from some other modeler who “got out” of the hobby. Its interesting to see the detail that was state of the art back in the day. Of course for some of you, you’ve never heard of or even seen this level of perfection of accuracy. ;0)

I also found some aftermarket accessories too! Given this aircraft is going to be damaged, I’m not so sure I want to use expensive aftermarket, but I have a little time to decide that, but not much.

Pondering over some of the possible scenarios that could be the cause of the “battle damage” could be one bomber dropping its “eggs” on another which was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Having a bomb embedded in the upper fuselage while another one clipped off a horizontal stab and rudder.

To that end I did some checking of the Spares Stash to see if I had any decent bombs to use should this be the scenario I use…I kinda like it so it has a good possibility.

Anybody got a good cutaway drawing of a B-25 they are willing to share and send me?



  1. Gerald,

    Let me see what I have at the house. I recall a book I have called “The Magnificent Mediums”. I believe it has cut away drawings of the B-25 & B-26.
    This is coming to you from my work.
    Michael B.

  2. Hey, Hawkeye; I’m wanting to do a B25 as well, having just had my highschoolers do a research paper on the Doolittle Raid, watching Thirty-Seconds Over Tokyo again, and looking forward to attending the reunion in April. I want to be able to do a1/48 B model with the same markings they had on the Raid. I think there’s a old Revell or something out there, but do you know of anything else? somebody else with a B or with decals?

  3. Hi Gerald

    I went to an arts and crafts store the other day and noticed they had a 1:48 model of a B-25

    I was thinking about picking it up and perhaps picking your brain on how to put it together and learning some new techniques from you?

    I was also wondering about the acrylic paints you sell. I live in Canada and from what I learned on the finescale modelling site is that I can’t get them sent over the border. Do you have a suggestion on how I could get them here.



  4. Email sent to you.

    Regarding shipping to Canada…yes it is something we do regularly. We have plenty of customers in Canada which order direct from us via our website.

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