Blending Websites

I have mentioned this before, but now I need to mention it again so please bear with me. Yesterday we did a system upgrade to the Squawkbox that facilitates the incorporation of a new shopping function which will soon be unveiled. This will replace the Hawkeye’s Hobbies site and its shopping cart. Hawkeye’s will still exist, but that URL will be directed to the Products page of this site, Hawkeye’s Squawkbox.

This provides me with a single and more easily manageable site. Which hopefully will allow me more time to devote to my other personal and business obligations. This hopefully includes time in the man cave and my workbench, something I have been really missing.

So don’t be too surprised when you go to Hawkeye’s Hobbies to place an order only to find yourself right here on the Squawkbox. My goal is to have this all completed no later than Thanksgiving so its ready to handle the Black Friday shopping rush. We’ll also be unveiling soon a newly designed Images By Hawkeye website which also will have a shopping feature to purchase selected images.

With winter setting in, the man cave is calling! Besides with my new radio show starting soon, it will serve as both a source of relaxation as well as inspiration.

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