Is Radio Going To Convey The Message

In a visual world such as that of scale modeling how is radio going to convey the message? Radio has been around long before…I think I can safely say this, all of the modelers alive today. Radio has continued to evolve its technology to continue to reach listeners.

We turn to radio during disasters, in fact we are told to have a portable radio as part of our emergency kits because when natural disasters strike, radio is the most effective means of communications.

Radio has gone evolved from being a raspy crackly signal back when Short Wave (SW) was the only carrier to carry a signal across the airwaves. Other broadcast bands came into being such as AM and FM. Jump ahead a few decades and we have seen the birth of Satellite Radio and that which The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour will air…Internet Radio.

Conventional radio stations are increasing their presence of carrying their programming on the internet as well as their normal over the air transmission. It is the new market to reach listeners worldwide both in their homes but also in their cars and on their smartphones.

That said the concern of whether such a visual media will be conducive with an audio only media shouldn’t be a real concern at all. As long as their has been radio there has been programming to provide verbal guidance to create mental pictures since Guglielmo Marconi discovered the usefulness of radio waves.

There are those who learn best by reading as there are those who learn best by watching. Most of us learned a great deal of what we now know and do by listening to others as they explained it. It works! Technology offers us more than just the means to listen to this new concept of a program.

Through the magic of technology, there will be visuals available for listeners to reference on my website here at just as other radio programs provide for their audiences. When one combines the ability to listen to rebroadcasts and podcasts of the show with these visuals…photographs, illustrations and videos, I believe the concept of having a radio program for our visually intense hobby is something useful as well as entertaining.

So I hope you will join me and my guests as we bring you The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour on Warbird Radio.

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