Photo Booth

I spend a great deal of time behind my cameras and lately been spending time in front of them doing product videos for clients. Since I have a fellow club member visiting to shoot images of a couple of his scale model builds I decided to move the camera and shoot this quick one about my photo setup. Chippy makes its initial video appearance as well! LOL


  1. Hi, I have a question…how would you light a set up to photograph a model on a black background/sweep so that the black background stays black and the model is properly exposed?



    PS “Chippy”is adorable…thanks for rescuing him!

  2. Keep the subject as far away from the backdrop as possible. Illuminate the model, not the backdrop. Also keep your focal length short as well. This helps the lens not see as much background which you want dark anyway.

    I’ll post something about how I do it soon…I’ll add it to my TODO List! LOL

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