Holiday/Event Closure

UPDATED 7-14-11

FYI: Just a reminder that Hawkeye’s Hobbies will be in essence closed and only processing orders on a very limited basis during the following periods.

July 23-31 AirVenture 2011 Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Aug 16-22 @ Sprue Brothers Models LLC in Liberty Missouri.

You may still place your orders online, but understand that orders may not be fulfilled during these dates. Once we return order fulfillment will resume and filled in the order they were received.

Watch the Squawkbox and/or my Facebook page for live updates including images of the events during these dates.

NOTICE: We have cancelled our plans to attend the 2011 IPMS Convention in Omaha, Nebraska.


  1. Have fun looking at the zoomies!

    As for order fulfillment: Your “slow” leaves many online merchants in a cloud of electrons. Many wouldn’t bother to try to tell their customers in advance, only after the fact. It’s appreciated.

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