Geography Its Important To Our Hobby Shops

I’ve been sharing from time to time some of the causes for the demise of the Local Hobby Shops. This article I wrote was recently published by Model Retailer, a trade magazine for those in the hobby retailing business. In it I discuss how businesses have to be aware of their Geographical Footprint.

Marketing For Distance


  1. I am a plastic scale aircraft modeler living an hour’s drive to my local hobby shop. I generally make hobby shopping trips to coincide with attending monthly IPMS meetings, model contests, or while traveling. Most reasonably stocked hobby shops that I am able to visit are survivors and seem to have done so by either being an RC shop or train shop with plastics as an aside. I end up doing most of my hobby purchases on line, mail order, or with vendors at IPMS venues.

    I think today’s hobby shops need consider having a net presence to reach the virtual client population needed to be successful.

  2. Well written, well-thought-out article. That said, my view is that when a retailer is loaded with the “right stuff” for the target consumer, whether it be a hobby shop or a woman’s dress shop, folks will go to the middle of almost anywhere within a few hours drive to shop in such stores. Higher gas prices will mean fewer visists but more spent during those visits. Serious modelers have driven long distances for years to be at the “right” shop…..the one aimed at their wants/needs. The problem is……there are so few shop owners within a few hours who have the focused product assortments needed to attract us.



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