Wingscale’s 1:32 B-17 Flying Fortress

I’ll let the images tell the story other than say this kit is expected to release late 2010. Visit Sprue Brothers for more images and more information.


  1. Wow, Gerald, if a man has a place for this monster, the detailing possibilities are endless! I wouldn’t dare bring one home myself…….;-) We’ll be watching for a build blog!

  2. You sure this is Wingscale?

    I know they are doing 1/32 B-25s, and doing a 1/32 Meteor, but nothing on their website or Sprue Bros about a 1/32 B-17.

    I know the B-25s are supposed to be out before the end of 2010….

  3. Yes its Wingscale. I design the ads for Sprue Brothers as part of our other business. The B-25’s won’t hit the market until Jan, probably late Jan. As with any company future releases depend on the success of the ones previously. If the B-25s sell well and the follow on kits, we’ll be seeing more releases such as the B-17 in the future.

  4. An exciting project to think about. Yes the B24, would also make an excellent addition to the 1/32 scale bomber club.

  5. Why don’t they separate the clear glazing from the frame? So you can just pop the glazing into the frame without masking all of it?

  6. My best guess is that the frame work would be to fragile and be damaged easily during transport or by fat fingered modelers. There are still modelers who have yet mastered getting single piece canopies properly mated to the aircraft’s fuselage and side windows installed…can you image the problems they’d have inserting each and every piece of plexi into its framework? I think eventually we’ll see options such as brass PE framework and more companies producing decals to use as framework. Let’s not forget those companies that are producing more and more precut masks as well.

  7. I’ve preordered two of the Wingscale B-25’s and this morning I took a look at their website as I heard a B-26 and a P-61 was in the works. Low and behold I see they are considering a 1/32 scale B-17 and the photographs of the prototype are absolutely stunning. I already have a huge space problem for the big scale stuff but I’ll get rid of a TV, a sofa or maybe even the wife to get one of those Fortresses on my bench. I’m sure they are waiting to see if the Mitchells sell well before comitting to other large scale bombers but I just have a feeling there are enough of us out there who are chomping at the bit to get any one of these monsters and we will be seeing a lot more of these beauties in the future. I would certainly go into debt to get a B-24D if they will just make me one.

  8. They are not just considering a B-17 but it is one of the kits scheduled for release in 2011. Companies can’t afford to create tooling just to produce prototypes…its like being pregnant…you either are or you aren’t. LOL I hang or mount my models on the wall…like a picture.

  9. why a B17 G why not a B17E or a F with the option of a conversion kit for a G modellers would love these type of options?

  10. Nothing says they won’t release on in the future, but this is the one selected by the owner to produce. If the subjects being offered sell well, the list will continue to grow of subjects being produced. The limited number assures interest and sales…thus keeping new products coming as long as sales allow. I’d also watch for other scales in the mix in the future as well. I’ve sent in my wish list of subjects and scales!!!

  11. While it looks impressive and I intend to buy one I hope Wingscale realizes the all four props rotate clockwise whe looking from the rear. One of the photos suggests that the right inboard and right outboard props rotate counterclockwise, this is not correct.

  12. I just ordered my B-25. Hopefully someone will come up with a scale crew for it. I also would like a small PE sheet to cover the armament. Does anyone know how to get nose art decals made for the “Super Rabbit”?

  13. I believe I mentioned that the props used for the photo were just “place” holders or “props” for the props. LOL Yes they are very aware these are not proper and will not be included in the kit.

  14. I wouldn’t rule out that sometime down the road that Wingscale revisits the B-17 to product another variant. Understand this is a new company with a L O N G list of subjects it desires to produce kits of. As with any venture, the proof is in the pudding…if the pudding is sweet and sales are rich…a greater chance of such subjects as the earlier B-17 becoming a reality.

  15. Right now the focus is to get the B-25 finished and out to the dealers to fill orders. Once that is done, then the next projected release, the Meteor will be given full attention. I would imagine that work on the B-17 and its accessories are ongoing, I’ll see if I can find out anything about figures being included or not.

  16. Oh my Gosh! What a flippin great lloking kit! And yes PLEASE add me onto this waiitng list for the kit! As soon as I know there is a pr-sale list on I will put my name on it! I am currently here at Camp Warrior, Iraq and am now looking so forward to getting home, patting the Dog on the head, Kiss the Wife and Build the model….but of course I have no dog, and the rest is not necessarily in that order as well…It looks great! Now how about that 1/72 Fletcher?

  17. As it was mentioned in the link to Sprue Brothers website…estimated MSRP is expected not to exceed $250.00 USD. That said, given the changes going on in the world…that could change some before it is actually released to the public in late 2011 or early 2012.

  18. Looks like it’s time for modelers to trade in the airbrush for a small detail automotive paint gun! I have mine already, just waiting on the kits now!,

  19. hello! gerald can u tell me whats going on with wingscale and spruebrothers with the 1/32 b25 and b17 model kits and if they will stil be made and by who and there realise dates

  20. Looks like this won’t be coming out by Wingscale now. Apparently the Chinese “businessman” partner stole all of Wingscales hard work and now has a Chinese model company onboard to produce the kit.

  21. Word on the wind is we’ll be learning who this other Chinese company is. I suspect all of the vocalized negative comments about this unknown company will be much like a fart in the wind. Barely noticed and quickly forgotten and those swearing they’d never buy these kits when released by the evil Chinese manufacturer will probably purchase them anyway.
    This yet to be announced mfr whose owner seems to wear Teflon suits, as no criticism ever seems to stick to them.

  22. Hi Gerald I heard that the shape of the nose was incorrect along with the positioning of the nacelles. Also the representation of the panels over the airframe did not overlap and some issues with window positions. However these all refered to the prototype shot and a spokesman for the company said these would all be resolved.

  23. shouldn’t wingscale withdraw all references to the b25 and b17 from the net now they are not involved with it…

  24. Im not too impressed with the Cheyenne type tail turret on this.

    I would love to see this as an F model with the actual spherical sperry top and ball turrets and a detailed radio station. The glass only option just doesn’t sit well with me. I prefer to model my bombers C. May of 43.

    Can anyone tell if the waist windows are staggered on this model?

  25. Many years ago when I lived in Montana there was concern about the number of ranches being bought up by Japanese investors looking to raise beef cattle. Everyone thought the worse about Japan being the new owners of the state. As it turned out more land was owned by Panamanians…including Gen Manuel Noriaga who owned the most of the group. Yes, it is criminal that we’ve allow our representatives to get us into such financial trouble.

  26. I don’t care if the chinese or the martians produce this aircraft. I’ve wished for a 32nd scale fort foerever. The cheyenne tail turret allows me to build “a bit o lace” so kudos for the tail turret. I’m sure other Fortress marks will follow.

  27. I don’t care if the chinese or the martians produce this aircraft. I’ve wished for a 32nd scale fort foerever. The cheyenne tail turret allows me to build “a bit o lace” so kudos for the tail turret. I’m sure other Fortress marks will follow.

  28. Not a word, those who took over the B-17 and B-25 project are very quiet about who they are and when we can expect the kits to be released.

    I’d wager a guess that they’ll make their appearance just in time for the Christmas rush.

  29. With all version of the famed B-17 in all scales now including the 1/32nd B-17. I would love for someone to do the prototype B-17, the Boeing model 299

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