Scale Modeling-Photography Tip

Lens mounted Ring Light

In a previous post I mention how I use a ring mounted light on my camera for doing close up work…macro or near macro conditions. Well if you don’t have a ring light you can substitute a couple of other sources for light instead.

Flexible Neck Flashlight

A while back Sprue Brothers gave away a nifty little flexible neck flashlight that also had a laser pointer in it. I’ve used this light for taking pictures of insects as well as models. A very handy and appreciated multitasking tool on the workbench and now camera gear bag!

Baseball Cap Visor Lights

I have yet another an easily to acquire light source for you…something you can get at most stores that carry sporting goods…a baseball cap visor lamp.

Yes one or two of these can provide you with an excellent light source for taking close up shots. One thing I will suggest: add some tissue paper as a diffuser in front of them to soften and more evenly distribute the light. They do allow you to illuminate the dark recesses such as cockpit and vehicle interiors (see pic).

Cab Closeup of a 1:48 2 1l2 ton Truck

These cap lamps can be either slipped over the lens hood or held in place with a rubber band or length of Velco wrap.

You could also make yourself a set of mini light sets by purchasing some of those very inexpensive mini tripods for small pocket sized cameras. With a little McGyver engineering skills you could find a way to fasten them to the tripod and set them up in positions to illuminate your subject.

Two Baseball Cap Visor LED Lamps(Mfr: Cyclops)

So now you have a “Trick of the Trade” that I use in my photography bag of tricks. Hope you find this technique useful in your scale modeling photography efforts!


  1. These are some great ideas that I am definitely going to give a try. I can never get good close-up or macro shots, regardless of how sophisticated I get with my lighting or photo booths, boxes, etc. Thanks for the hints!

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