Raptor Sheen ACR-Testing

Photo Courtesy of Steve Williams-AirVenture 2009.

Ever since we release our line of paint additives known as Raptor Sheen which gives the metallic sheen seen on such aircraft as the F-22 Raptor, a request for an acrylic version was being heard. Yes, we were listening and Yes, we have been working on developing it! Which we are calling Raptor Sheen ACR.

One of the challenges was finding a formulation that allowed us to ship it as we do our Talon line of acrylic NMF paints. Many of the thinning and suspension agents were unfortunately flammable to degree. Those that weren’t were less than satisfactory during the application process.

So what we had to do was find a compromise and we think we are getting closer to achieving a solution. Take a peek at this Ace Corp. 1:48 Dassault Rafale (HobbyBoss) I am currently working on.

This shot was taken in natural light…morning sun to be specific. Taking pictures of metallic anything can present challenges.

First the model was given a light even base of the color I selected without any Raptor Sheen ACR added. I used Tamiya Sky Grey (XF-19) thinned with Isopropyl alcohol using my Grex airbrush set at about 17 psi. Once I had the desired coverage I let the model sit to dry while I flushed and cleaned my airbrush.

Using the same color-Tamyia’s Sky Grey I mixed it with about 20% Raptor Sheen ACR, thinning again with isopropyl alcohol to thin the mix to a suitable consistency for airbrushing. I then increased the psi slightly to between 18-20 psi and applied in the same way I did the paint making sure not to concentrate in any one spot for long.

By moving the model in different positions under the light I could see areas that needed a little more coverage, so I gave them a quick misting.

I think the metallic sheen is good, I will apply another coat using a slightly higher ratio of paint to RS-ACR…probably something on the order of 70/30.

I hope to have this model done before this coming Friday evening. If it is done in time and I can make it to the IPMS-RI Bong meeting in Milwaukee it will accompany me and be displayed for feedback from some of the best modelers I know (many who do reviews for FSM). Then Saturday it will make its first contest debut at a local HobbyTown USA contest in Oshkosh.

You can be assured I will post more images of this build and update you as to the status and release date when the product will be available.


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