Cutting With A Cutter

So you’re not getting clean flush cuts with your cutters…are you using them in the right way? Are they made by Xuron? This short video explains the right way to use your cutters, even if they are not from Xuron…but after seeing this you’ll wish they were from Xuron.

I remaster the video and replace it to remove nasty noise at end of video.


  1. Hi again. I need a cutter to cut the little locator pegs of the bomb cradles off flush after I have them glued onto the stub pylons and CFT’s of my F-15E’s–and, all of them for that matter. I can’t hit them with a knife or sanding stick after the initial cut, because the pressure will dislodge them, and, I’ll lose them. The cutter has to fit in between the cradle brackets, so, it has to be really skinny. I’m sure you make one, I just haven’t seen it at the hobby shop? I have the one you started with, but, not the last one you used. I would draw you what I’m doing, but, I can’t on this thing, but, I’m sure you know what I mean? I guess I just have to make another trip down to the cities to get one.

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