Xuron’s Dispenser Bottles

P1530725e5I’m always looking for way to dispense the liquids I use at the workbench. Xuron Corp. offers the 800 Series Dispensers which are available in four sizes, each has a capacity of holding 2 fluid ounces:

800 Plastic Spout

810 w/.010 ID Needle Applicator

820 w/.020 ID Needle Applicator

830 w/.040 ID Needle Applicator

A few real down and dirty uses:

P1530722e5CA AcceleratorThis give you the necessary control to put a very small amount in a confined area on your project. Typically CA Accelerator comes in a pump action spray bottle. Spraying accelerator over a broad area isn’t necessarily a good thing as it can react adversely on some surfaces.

Decal SetUsing these dispensers for the application of solvent or setting solutions is better IMO than continually dipping a brush into the bottle the product came in. This has the potential of transferring dirt and debris into the bottle. These Xuron dispensers allow you to put a drop of solvent right where you want it.

WeatheringMix up your wash solution or paint for the application of a pin wash. These dispensers keep the liquid from drying out while you work. Allows great control of the application of the media being utilized.

GluesIf you use white glue in your modeling projects, transfer some from the large economy bottle into one of these and you’ll find that you have greater control and accuracy of application. Think about how much easier it will be to cement in or create windows!

If your favorite hobby retailer isn’t stocking these, ask them to!!!


  1. I have a bottle that seems identical to the 800 Plastic Spout. I found it in m local hobby store under some old paints; it’s great for airbrushing: I fill it with thinner, then when i need to run thinner through, I can just squeeze it in. It works great with something like this: http://www.swannysmodels.com/FumeCan.html
    The needle bottles I can imagine being great too, for all the things described.
    I’ll definitely have to pick some of these up.

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