raptorsheenbottle3Raptor Sheen Will Start Shipping May 3rd!

MSRP $4.99 USD     1 oz/29ml Bottle

What is Raptor Sheen?

Now you can add a metallic sheen to your scale model project when you mix Raptor Sheen with most enamel based paints.  This product is NOT A PAINT but a metallic tint additive which can be added to any color you want to give a metallic sheen to.

Raptor Sheen is ideal for those wishing to replicate the metallic sheen seen on aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II (JSF).

Simply mix Raptor Sheen with the enamel paint color you plan on using, starting with a 50/50 mix. Raptor Sheen has great thinning properties to prepare the mixture for airbrushing. Thin with Hawkeye’s Hobbies Thinner or your personal thinner of preference.

One bottle of Raptor Sheen is more than enough to do one 1:72 F-22 Raptor…1:48 may requires one to two bottles depending on how much metallic sheen you desire.


Photo courtesy of: Steve Williams (UK) which were taken at AirVenture 2008.

Raptor Sheen is not suitable for shipping via USPS (postal mail). International Shipping…suggest you visit either the UPS or FedEx websites to determine minimum shipping fees…base your weigh on their one pound minimum.


  1. Gerald- Another good product to enhance the realism of the modern military aircraft. You may have answered this question before,but I need to revisit it. It’s in reference to the kind of, and best bonding product you use in constructing your models plastic components together.

  2. How does raptor sheen work with the standard decal protocol of applying gloss clear coat, then decals, then flat clear coat?

  3. Given the Raptor is a smooth to the touch, giving it a flat clearcoat might not be necessary. I gave mine a light sanding with a polishing stick before applying decals to level off the paint. Adding too many layers of paint/clears fills the subtle recessed detail and makes giving those details a wash less effective.

  4. So a clearcoat (glosscoat) is not required before decal application. Are decal setting solutions O.K. to use? What about clearcoating after the decals have dried to seal them (gloss/semi-gloss/or flat)?

  5. If you’re using a flat paint with Raptor Sheen, it will still have the same sheen as the paint itself. Raptor Sheen adds in the metallic sheen and reflectivity.

  6. Which version of Raptor Sheen is best to use with non-Testors enamels – I tend to use Xtracolour, White Ensign and Humbrol. Oh, and just to complicate things, I’ve had nice results using WEM colors thinned with Mr Leveling Color Thinner in a thinner-heavy ratio, and that’s most likely what I’d prefer to go with. That seems to suggest getting the Mr Color version would be best, but I thought I’d check.

    I’ll definitely go for the Mr Color version if I get hold of a bottle of Mr Color Replenishing Agent, since I’ve got dozens of dessicated Mr Color paints (from before the jar redesign) that almost certainly include all of the appropriate shades for an F-22.

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