Aerial Fire Fighting Tanker Concept

fboat1cOne of my many on going projects has been this kitbash of a concept idea for an aerial tanker for fighting forest fires.

It features four turboprop engines large roomy cockpit with plenty of visibility.

I have the model painted in a black primer to finish locating the major glaring flaws. The details such as the canopy will be painted on along with the color scheme.



  1. Neat idea, goodness knows they need a better vehicle than 30 and 40 year old airframes that are modified to do the job. It should hold 2000-3000 gallons of retardant and have lots of wing to fly low and slow. And I know it is just a modeling exercise but it is still a neat idea and it looks good too.

  2. Nice concept, Gerald. Look at the Shin Meiwa PS-1, US-1A and US-2 for inspiration. I have the Hasegawa kit that I will be building as a ‘What If’ air tanker.
    I would enjoy seeing your WIP pictures of this.
    I will be following this with interest.

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