Scale Modeling Tip: Spinning Propellers

This tip is from fellow modeler Frank “oldHooker” White who shows us an easy method to replicate spinning propellers on a static scale model.


I have several models that can benefit from this as they are being assembled. What this technique also helps with are those models I have in my collection with damaged or missingĀ  propeller blades.

Thanks for this useful tip Frank!


  1. I always just cut my props off if doing in flight, as in real life you can barely see them, esp if the aircraft is flying.

    Photography tends to capture the blurry thing you’re doing here, but I cant deny this method gives a much more visual impact of movement

    I never liked the metal prop blur or the whole plastic disc thing. I’ll be giving this a try. And if it fails I’ll just cut the props off like I always do.

  2. The camera sees more than the naked eye. Prop Blur is one of those things most amateur photographers strive to capturing when taking pictures of a propeller spinning. This technique gives us another viable option of displaying a model “in motion.”

  3. Finally got my props correctly cut correct size (scale 1/144). I do not have a spray paint outfit. How else can I make the spinning effect look? I build mostly prop airliners. Hate a model on the shelve with four “dead” props—-I like 1-4 props dead, and 2-3 spinning as in taxiing. If I have a model on a stand, I like the airplane look as if it’s flying. Thanks! Dutch

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