Texaco Airacobra

Just having a little fun. I thought I share these images with you of something I am trying to get done before Family Flightfest.


I started out using the kits US insignia, but quickly realized that the Texaco Star would be more appropriate. I have quit a bit yet to do…cockpit, install landing gear, canopy and the other fiddly bits.

It should be ready by race time…err Family Flightfest!



  1. In the bottom photo, is that a clothes pin clipped to the back of the seat? Are you using it for tweezers or something? I guess that is a rubber band wrapped around the point to give it more bite?


  2. It is being used as a handle. A simple clothespin with the jaws reversed and yes the rubber band does give the jaws more bite to hold on to the part…in this case the plane.

  3. Just finished the Nightlark series, Gerald, superb fiction! I can easily see that becoming an actual book with some expansion! Had to post here, cause I couldn’t figure out where to post on the story itself….


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