Haiti Relief Mission

Fellow modeler and decal manufacturer Greg Drawbaugh owner of Draw Decal was in Florida on business when opportunity knocked to serve in the relief efforts for Haiti. I recently received this note from Greg.

I was exceptionally fortunate to fly with Florida Air Transport and act as their liason with a Fox News crew from WSVN in Miami on a relief flight to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  We departed on C-54G (DC-4) N406WA at 0300 from Opa Locka airport and arrived in Haiti 3½ hours later.  Our flight was carrying 18,000 pounds of donated food items.  After off-loading the freight, we then loaded the equipment from a Dutch search and rescue crew and headed for Curacao.

After unloading the search and rescue equipment in Curacao, we then refueled and headed back to Miami on a 1100 mile leg, cleared customs, then made the short hop back to Opa Locka arriving at 0115.  Needless to say, it was a long but exceptionally rewarding day.  We had flown over 2000 miles in a DC-4, delivered aid to the Haitian earthquake vicitms, returned a search and rescue crews equipment and had a great time doing all of it.

More to follow later, when I get a bit more sleep and after I edit more of the almost 250 photos I shot.
Greg also appeared in this local news report about Florida Air Transport’s efforts to support Haiti relief. Thanks Greg for your support and sharing your experience. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your experiences.


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