Scale Modeling Tips: Hold That Model II

Here’s another tool resource that you probably already have in your kitchen…EGG CARTONS!

Egg_Jig_Baltrinic1Chris Baltrinic says:  “Basically, this is a good way to hold small models in various positions during decaling and construction. It is also a good place to rest your model during construction to prevent damaging the finish and/or to keep the surface from getting scratched up.

Just take a standard styrofoam egg carton and remove the top part (lid). Turn the bottom part upside down and you are ready to go.”

Chris’s pictures show that he is using those soft cushion type egg cartons. The compressed fiber and plastic ones are suitable as well but they don’t protect as well as these. I like the clear plastic ones for sorting small parts as I remove them from their sprues before storing them away in the appropriate drawer or bin of my parts stash.

Thanks Chris for sharing another handy idea. One that helps not only the quality of our builds, but one that also stretches the modeling budget just a little further.


  1. Love these tips – I don’t have pictures handy but I’ve found bent coat hangers useful in all sorts of ways for holding models. Also bent pieces of heavy-gauge (e.g 10) solid electrical wire stuck into a piece of 2×4 and bent into appropriate shapes.

  2. January 15, 2009

    Hawkeye, this is really a good hint. Was just on the way to the grocery store, so will get eggs. I would like to see your suggestions concerning a spare parts stash, and photos would be great.


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