Fun With Photography And Scale Models

Academy 1:48 F-22 Raptor. Model by Chris Oglesby.

Academy 1:48 F-22 Raptor. Model by Chris Oglesby.

Photographing models serves two, no make that three purposes. First a way to show off your accomplishment to others who wouldn’t otherwise be able to view the model first hand.

chrisf22Second it is a great tool to help the modeler improve their skillsets and quality of the models they are building. The camera see more than the eye, so it is a way to check your work as your build progresses. It also gets you into the routine for taking images as you build to correspond with the article you are penning for a magazine.

Third, just to have some FUN! The picture you see to the right was taken on a black background and illuminated with an LED penlight. It almost looks as if a vehicles headlights or light from a lightall were illuminating it.

ringflashattachedA new tool in my arsenal…err camera bag is a ring light. The ring light I am using is made by Digital Concepts. I found it on for cheap. It comes with three different adapter rings (52mm, 55mm and 62mm) to mount it to your lens. coraptorIt has a power converter/charger so you can us either AC or DC (battery) to power the LED lights. If you visit my photography website Images By Hawkeye, you’ll see other images I took using this setup. Oh I have also attached a wide angle adapter to my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 as well. I use it in some applications. For the F-22 shots, I didn’t, but it is shown attached in this picture.

So instead of just using the blue or white backgrounds, try using black.


A special thanks to Chris Oglesby for building this Academy 1:48 F-22 as a trial test bed for the Raptor Sheen.

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