The Wrangler

smallshoptools4wrangler1As a modeler I am always looking for an easier and more effective way to accomplish tasks that are difficult or repetitive. Take bending wire or PE parts that require bending into a curved or circular shapes.  The good folks at The Small Shop seem to have known what I need. Case in point the latest addition tool to my scale modeling arsenal…the Wrangler.

Whether you need to bend yourself some grab handles, rings, loops or springs for that project on your bench, you can accomplish those tasks easily with the Wrangler. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum it is easy to use and comes with comprehensive instruction. The Small Shop also includes links to show the product in use.

wranglercloseupThe investment in this tool will provide me an opportunity to save money by not having to purchase aftermarket accessories for several of the projects in my stash. I can now easily fabricate my own parts to accessorize my build.

I’ve already started to look for other applications for this tool. I can see several potential uses for it. Tools that have the ability to multitask are highly desirable on my workbench.

Soon I hope to share how I make use of this new addition, I know much of the frustrations of bending dozens of grab handles for some of the armor in my stash just got eliminated. Now where did I put that bundle of wire?

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